Just a short note to tell you how much I took notice of you during your performance on “The Debaters” last week.  I often times cringe in embarrassment for many of the comics, forces as they are, to go to-to-toe against each other before a live audience. I don’t know how much advance time you have to create your rant, but the impressions I have is that you are hit with it on the spot. Regardless, your diatribe on the merits of pie versus cake was nothing short of brilliant. You had me not only laughing out loud in my car, but also marveling at the depth and clarity of your thought process. I muttered to myself, “this guy is the real deal.” I wish you well in your future, which I truly believe will be filled with much success.

Glenn Pelletier, Morning News Anchor – 570 News

We would like to take this moment to thank you for participation in the 9th annual HubCap Comedy Festival; your professionalism and talent were key to your success. Positive feedback from throughout the community confirms that a great time was had by all and that a strong appetite for comedy is alive and well.

Robert J. Gallant, HubCap Comedy Festival


To those considering the hiring of Dave Hemstad, if you’re reading this testimonial letter then there’s a very good chance that you’re about to get a show that you won’t soon forget. Maybe a “show” isn’t the right word – and “experience” seems more appropriate. Mr. Hemstad is an all-in-one performer who gifts his audience with the creative use of words and gestures to provide the perfect formula for big laughs. He offers a truly captivating stage presence whether performing for 2 people or a room of 2000.

Making people laugh for 30 minutes straight requires a certain talent. Getting your audience to talk about the set for two weeks after is something different and special altogether. This unique ability has in turn created “the following” which are those who keep coming back for more and there are many.

Mr. Hemstad is a performer who is tasteful able to adjust to all audiences and situations with great ease. His dedications and professionalism has earned him great respect amongst his peers and will ensure that he is destined for great things.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Hemstad’s services and I highly recommend you take advantage of the “experience” he offers.

Corby Rolin Associate Vice-President, CB Richard Ellis Limited.