Dr. Val Franc & Dave Hemstad

Dr. Val Saves Dave Podcast

Join Dave on a hilarious and inspiring journey as he teams up with Naturopathic Doctor Valerie Franc to turn his life around. Whether you’re into health, comedy, or just need a good laugh, this podcast has something for everyone! Tune in and follow along as Dr. Val guides Dave through the next 6 months of his life.

Chapter 1

04/24/24 – 01:04:11

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Our Saga Begins! Dave discovers he doesn’t know ANYTHING about how a body actually works! Dr. Val shares the results of Dave’s blood work, and they learn the truth about the challenges that face them in order to repair the physical damage inside of Dave. Let the saving commence!!

Chapter 2

04/24/24 -58:00

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OPERATION : SAVE DAVE has begun! Dr. Val reveals her daring rescue strategy! Dave learns about food while going through detox. Doc shares the secret of living to 120 and takes down Big Peanut!

Chapter 3

04/24/24 –58:13

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Crimes and MisDAVEmeanours! Dave looks for loopholes in the new program but Dr. Val shuts him down. Then they travel through the Endocrine system where Dave learns all about fats!

Chapter 4

05/01/24 – 01:05:26

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Our First Guest! Dr. Val goes to the bullpen and brings in master motivator and personal mentor Marc Von Musser to help inspire Dave to connect with his inner superhero!

Chapter 5

05/09/24 – 51:08

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Super Dave! The new test results are in! Meanwhile, Dave tries to survive Super Bowl weekend without Dr. Val calling any penalties on him!

Chapter 6

05/15/24 – 1:08:01

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Thunder and Lightning! Dr. Val goes to the bullpen once more and brings in body movement wizard David Thunder. He’s here to asses Dave’s body but he ends up blowing his mind instead! 

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